Death can feel like the
full stop at the end of our lives.

But what if we treated it
more like an invitation?

For more words, more

Octopus Legacy is a place to plan for death and find support following a loss.

But it’s also a challenge: to create a legacy that connects you to people you love. In life and in death.

Our job is to bring death to life.

Born after Sam’s mum died in a car accident, we know the difference a good plan makes, and what it’s like when there isn’t one. We see a world where you work out your personal meaning of legacy by talking about death with people you love. We’re here to make that happen.

Join the team.

We’re tackling some of the biggest taboos surrounding death. Together, we can help to make some of the toughest times in people’s lives easier.

Chief of Staff

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Customer Success Manager

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Head of Operations

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

M&A Associate

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Senior Frontend Developer

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Will Writing Specialist (Mobile Services)

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Complex Wills Specialist

Full-time, London, UK (Hybrid)

Meet the team.

We're breathing some much needed life into the death industry.

Photo of Sam
Sam Founder & CEO
Photo of Dylan
Dylan Head of Sales
Photo of Eliza
Eliza Head of Brand & Growth Marketing
Photo of Laura
Laura Head of Legal
Photo of Katie
Katie Senior Partnerships Marketing Manager
Photo of Imogen
Imogen Senior Product Manager
Photo of Ben
Ben Lead Developer
Photo of Joe
Joe Charity Partnerships
Photo of Charlie
Charlie Charity Partnerships
Photo of Rashawn
Rashawn Estate Planner
Photo of Hayden
Hayden Founder's Associate
Photo of Suzanne
Suzanne Partnerships Manager
Photo of Jose
Jose Frontend Developer
Photo of Heather
Heather Software Developer
Photo of Chris
Chris Senior Software Developer
Photo of Shardé
Shardé Product Designer
Photo of Zana
Zana Wills Specialist
Photo of June
June Senior Probate Solicitor
Photo of Harriet
Harriet Marketing Executive
Photo of Danni
Danni Estate Planner
Photo of Charlotte
Charlotte Senior People & Talent Manager
Photo of Sam
Sam Legal Associate

These people are talking about death and creating their legacy. Join the conversation. Read what they have to say.

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