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What are our different types of wills?

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Our basic and bespoke will services

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Getting a fast-tracked will

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Writing a mirror will

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Our will storage and update service

Write your will in 3 simple steps

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Answer a few simple questions

We’ll help you write your will by asking questions to help work out what you want.
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Complete your will

A basic will is completed online and a bespoke will is completed with our in house team.
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Check and sign your will

You can update your will whenever you like, for free in your first year, and only £10 a year after that.

Need a helping hand?

You can ask our expert team who will support you every step of the way.

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Where there’s a will...

...there’s an octopus saying there’s a more interesting way to write it.

Your will could be a template. Or you could make it your own.

Why not share more than money? Share notes, playlists and memories.

Write your will

When people think of wills,
they think about things like
wealth, assets, property.

We see the start of

What can you share so
people feel close to you?

What can you leave to
make things easier?

How can you shape a
legacy that connects you
to the people you love -
now and after you’re gone.

These people are talking about death and creating their legacy. Join the conversation. Read what they have to say.

Talking about death can be scary, but so are all the other important things in life. It’s time to ask the questions. Start the conversation.

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Death comes with all sorts of questions. Existential, emotional, logistical. Whatever questions you have we can stretch apart together.