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5 Alternative Ways to Pay For a Funeral

In recent years funeral costs have continued to increase, leaving some families stuck unable to pay for their loved one's funeral. The stress can also be compounded when a death is somewhat unexpected. We have a partnership with The National Bereavement Service (NBS), which is a non-for-profit that families with a variety of issues. If you are needing support please call them on 0800 0248092. Below we cover 5 alternative ways you can pay for a funeral. 

1. Paying for funeral expenses from the estate

When someone dies, the family can pay for the funeral out of the deceased estate. Whilst this does not reduce the cost of a funeral, it helps lower the financial burden. This money is also not subject to inheritance tax. Banks will often release funds for the funeral once the family is able to get the death certificate and an invoice for the funeral, but this is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, this does not always get approved and the bank might ask for a grant of representation. Obtaining this can take months, which makes this path more difficult. 

2. Getting government help to pay for funeral expenses

    If you cannot afford a funeral, there are two main government grants that can help with funeral costs. 

    • The funeral expenses payment -  for people on qualifying benefits
    • The bereavement support payment - for bereaved spouses

    3. Getting charitable help paying for funeral expenses

    There are a lot of charities that help with bereavement. If you are needing support to talk to us via our online chat

    4. Crowdfunding the funeral costs

      When a death occurs, friends and family rally together, we see this inside our support hubs. This also includes contributing money to the family to help cover funeral costs. You can set up a crowdfunding page GoFundMe

      5. A public health funeral

        Otherwise known as a pauper’s funeral. These are not common, and generally only available if the deceased has no family. This type of funeral is arranged and paid for by the local council.

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