Advice Grief, Loss & Bereavement Support Hubs - Bringing Families and Friends Together

Support Hubs - Bringing Families and Friends Together

Why Join a Support Hub?

Support hubs are private online groups that bring families, friends, and communities together. You can pay tribute and share memories, photos, and condolences to celebrate their life and mourn the loss of your loved one. You can easily share funeral information, collect in memory donations, and give ways family and friends can best help you all in one place.

Friends and family can revisit the memories at any time, now or in the future, and share with generations to come.

Support hubs can be shared directly to Facebook. In our 2021 survey, 76% prefer to have a dedicated support hub than to just using social media.

We work with funeral directors who offer our support hubs as part of their comprehensive service to help families through the bereavement - although you can absolutely set up your own support hubs.

Why Do Funeral Directors Create Support Hubs for Families?

Funeral directors understand that struggling with bereavement, grief, and loss can be eased by:

  • Simplifying information and processes
  • And creating spaces for families and friends to come together to share memories, raise in-memory donations, or help coordinate tasks.

Funeral directors are creating support hubs in just a minute for their families to help the 74% surveyed who said they would be more likely to use a support hub if a funeral director creates it for them.

Support hubs allow funeral directors to continue to help well after the funeral as you keep the support hub through the decades and continue to celebrate the memories of the loved one you lost.

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