Advice Grief, Loss & Bereavement Will we get a bank holiday for the Queen’s state funeral?

Will we get a bank holiday for the Queen’s state funeral?

When would the bank holiday be?

The Queen's state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, on Monday 19th September.

This has been declared a bank holiday.

However, it's a little different from other bank holidays.

The government has released guidance saying there is no need for businesses to close or for sporting events to be cancelled during this time.

The guidance added that some business owners and event organisers may wish to consider closing or postponing activities, particularly on the day of the funeral.

Will I be paid by my employer if we get a bank holiday?

There is no obligation for employers to give employees paid leave for this day.

It is worth checking with your employer and your employee contract, but unless specified an employer doesn’t have to pay for incremental or 'new' bank holidays, unless otherwise stated.

So in reality, whether you get a day off for a bank holiday or not, will vary from employer to employer.

Are all events cancelled after the Queen’s death?

After the Queen died on Thursday 8th September, an official period of mourning began.

This is expected to last until the evening of her state funeral on the 19th September.

Lots of events have already been cancelled and some shops will close or be open for reduced hours.

On the day of her state funeral the London Stock Exchange will also close.

Other events that have been cancelled after the Queen's death are:

  • The last night of the proms.
  • Several sporting fixtures, including the 3rd test between England and South Africa at the Oval, the Premiership and English Football League games.
  • Rail and postal strikes scheduled for 15 and 17th September have also been cancelled.

Theatre performances are expected to continue but the audience will sometimes be asked to observe a minute's silence.

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