Advice Funeral Costs How Much Does A Funeral Cost In The UK

How Much Does A Funeral Cost In The UK

The factors leading to the final price of a funeral are: 

  • Funeral director fees
  • Cost of cremation/ burial
  • Celebrant/ Minister fees

However, many factors affect the cost of a funeral. These include, but are not limited to

  • Your location within the UK
  • Does the funeral involve the burial/ cremation?
  • Your arrangement plans
  • Your choice of funeral director

We cover choosing a funeral director in our resource Choosing a Funeral Director, and suggest you ask around for price estimations to obtain an idea of the cost of hiring one in your area. Here, we cover the key variables that determine the cost of a funeral in the UK:

But, what is the average funeral?

Although the price of a funeral varies around the UK, the national average is a good starting point. The average funeral cost within the UK is £3,784. London has an impact on this average, with the average funeral cost in London sitting at almost double the national average.

We recommend that you try and get funeral cost estimations from several funeral directors. You can compare this to the national average and see where you stand. Funeral directors need to know your budget. This way, they can help you plan the funeral accordingly.

What is the average cost of a funeral with a burial?

The main reason a burial will increase the cost of a funeral is that you will need to pay for a burial plot. Most burials include a service, but that’s your choice.

  • We estimate the average cost of a funeral (with service) is £4,600

    There are a few more things you need to keep in mind if you are opting for a burial, as they will cause the cost to increase. The two main costs associated with a burial funeral are yearly gardening and tidying costs and the headstone (these cost about £920). Ask your funeral director more as they can give you a great insight into the cost you might have to bear.

    What is the average cost of a funeral with a cremation?

    As you can expect, cremation costs less than a burial. That said, there are different types of cremations. Standard cremations include memorial services; whereas with direct cremations, otherwise known as a “no-service cremation”, there is no service.

    • We estimate that the average cost of a standard cremation is £3,600
    • We estimate that the average cost of a funeral with a direct cremation is £1,800

    Do note that you can opt for a burial plot, even if you decide to cremate. Some families like to have a location they can visit, while others spread the ashes.

    What are third-party funeral costs?

    When calculating how much a funeral will cost, a funeral director may mention ‘disbursements’. Disbursements are third-party funeral costs that are not provided by the funeral director. On average, we estimate the cost of disbursement is £1,900. Generally, the funeral director is likely to manage the payments on your behalf and their quote includes this. However, they will demand the amount upfront as it is a common practice.

    The most common disbursement fees are the cremation and burial costs. However, families can choose numerous optional extras. Here are some rough estimates:

    Common Costs

    • Burial: £1,850
    • Cremation: £760
    • Medical referee’s certificate: £170
    • Clergy fee: £160

    Optional Costs

    • Memorial headstone or plaque: £920
    • Catering: £450
    • Limousine: £320
    • Venue hire: £400
    • Funeral notice: £90
    • Death notice or obituary: £70
    • Order of service sheets: £60
    • Urn: £30

    When estimating the cost of a funeral, don’t feel pressured to choose any optional costs you do not want. Try tailoring the funeral to how you want it and stay within your budget. The day of the funeral is a special occasion for you and your loved ones.

    Need help with funeral costs?

    The average cost of a funeral within the UK is £3,784. This is a lot of money and paying for the disbursements costs upfront can be a squeeze. You can receive financial assistance from numerous sources, including government assistance and charitable grants. You can find out more about these topics in our resource on financial support for funerals.

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