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When Should You Update Your Will

How often should a will be updated?

Even in cases where you haven’t experienced a significant life event, it is important to review your will in order to check that it reflects what you want it to convey. The government recommends that you review your will every five years. 

Particular events that often prompt people to review and update their will:

  • Having new children or grandchildren: ensure they are protected by including them in your will.
  • Getting married: unless your will makes specific reference to your intended marriage, any will that you have previously put in place (in England or Wales) will automatically become void. 
  • Getting a divorce: for the purpose of your will, your ex – spouse is treated as having predeceased you upon finalisation of the divorce. It is therefore important to assess whether you have made substitute provisions, and if so, whether those still reflect your wishes.
  • Someone you’ve named in your will has passed away.
  • Your executor is no longer able to carry out administering your estate.

Should you update your will using a codicil?

It is possible to make small changes to your will through a codicil. Creating a codicil may be cheaper than making a new will but it is not commonly used. 

For this reason, it is usually best to write a new will when you want to update.

We don't think it is fair to charge you for a new will every time your life changes. Our £10 a year subscription service allows you to generate a new will whenever you want. Just remember though, it is not legally binding until it has been signed with witnesses.

If you want to create or update your will now, just head here to start.

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